Current Projects

Parish Register Transcription Project

Over many years now members from all over the world have been working to transcribe the parish records of Buckinghamshire. Currently there are over 500,000 baptisms, over 450,000 burials and nearly 200,000 marriages in the database and these numbers are increasing all the time.

At the moment the only work on this project is taking place in the Centre of Buckinghamshire Studies, Aylesbury. If you are interested in helping please contact Tony Sargeant for more details. There are many records that require checking!

These records are first used to populate the searchable databases and when the parish is complete the registers are published on paper or CD according to size.

Monumental Inscriptions

This project is in need of a co-ordinator, are you interested?


This is an ongoing project to record all the information from monuments, tombstones and war memorials throughout the county.

Significant numbers of churchyards have been transcribed and work is in hand to put the information into a searchable database.

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The late Ray Shrimpton, had over a number of years extracted the names of all persons mentioned in the Wills held at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.

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School Records

In October 2006 Bucks FHS started a project to digitise old school records. The main focus is school log books but we are photographing other school records which may also be available. With the co-operation of the schools we are digitising records for the schools. Copies will be made available to the schools for use in history projects, etc. Most of the records will be published and made available for family historians.