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Exchange Journals

bfhslogoJournals of other Family History Societies are now available on our website. For many years FHSs have exchanged paper copies of their magazines and journals. As Societies move to exchange digital copies we are able to put these on our website so our members can read them. Paper copies were only available at Society meetings or by post so many more of our members now have access to them. 

June 2018
New Society - Lincolnshire FHS (Jan and Feb issues)
New Society - Richmond-Tweed FHS (Mar issue)
New Society - Cambridgeshire FHS (Summer issue)
New Society - Society of Australian Genealogists (Mar and Jun issues)
New Society - Aberdeen and North East Scotland FHS (May issue)
Bedfordshire FHS (Mar and Jun issues)
Glasgow and West of Scotland FHS (Mar issue)
FHS of New Zealand (Apr issue)
Barnsley FHS (Apr issue)
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (Mar issue)
Chesterfield and District FHS (Jun issue)
Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society (Spring issue)
Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (Jun issue)


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BucksFHS Shop upgraded

The Society has launched a new shop which is located at If you have a bookmark for the old shop can you please update it to the new location. The new shop has a cleaner fresher look to it and we hope that you will like it. One change is that customers are no longer required to register in order to make purchases however please note that it has not been possible to carry forward registration information into the new shop so if you want to have an account you will need to re-register

John Hampden

John Hampden - thumbnailWe are very pleased to have publications from the John Hampden Society in our on-line shop. This is part of a service that we offer to local history societies to promote and sell their publications. The John Hampden Society is unusual in that it's interest is in a person rather than a local town or village.

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Parish Register Searches

With the exception of a very few registers currently held by the incumbents, all Buckinghamshire Parish Registers have been transcribed up to 1901. You may request a search of these records here . Additionally when final checking has been competed they will be published and be available in the shop .  You may download the current list of the transcribed parishes here

The Bucks Names Index

The Bucks Names Index now contains nearly 5.2 million names of people with Buckinghamshire connections. In addition to the information from nearly every Parish register there is information from a wide variety of other sources - see below for some of them.

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