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  1. An Update for Random Genealogy (and me)
    As of 2010, this blog went on hiatus, but I hope to be bringing it back later in 2017.
  2. Return of Random Genealogy?
    First off, an explanation. At the time I stopped updating, a job opportunity had come up that I couldn’t pass up and it required my immediate attention, along with a couple of major events back-to-back. I typed up a nice post saying that I needed to take a break and this is what I […]
  3. Armstrong County (PA) History Alliance
    The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA) has an article, Utah Teenage Genealogist Winds up on History Channel
    ABC 4 has an article/story, Utah teen's love for genealogy earns him time on History Channel, about a fifteen year old working on his Eagle Scout project that involves genealogy research and cemetery preservation. As a result of this, sometime in the next year on an unnamed show on the History Channel, his project will be feature. Pretty cool, and good exposure for genealogy.
  4. Website Aids Jews’ Search For Ancestors
    The Boston Globe has an article by Matt Gunderson, Website aids Jews' search for ancestors, about, well, those doing genealogy researching concerning Jewish ancestors. It mentions how the internet is impacting many genealogy societies, while some, because of their unique nature, are doing okay.