The History of Morris Dancing 
Wednesday 07 June 2017, 19:15 - 21:30
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The History of Morris Dancing and the Morris Dancing Year – was your Ancestor a Morris Dancer?  The questions you have never asked – answered!  Why is it called Morris?  When and where did it start?  Why do they do it?  John Frearson has danced the Morris for nearly 30 years and was the Bagman (National Secretary)  of the Morris Ring for 7 years.  John will give a fully illustrated talk on the history and the many forms of Morris dancing through the year, he will add something on the Emberton Morris Men, who were an early revival dancing side in the post  WW1  period who became  well-known at local festivals.  John holds some of their archives, which should be of local interest.

Location Methodist Church Hall, Queensway, Bletchley MK2 2HB
Visitors are very welcome, we ask for a small donation to hear the talk


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