Cold Brayfield


Description of Cold Brayfield from Sheahan, 1861.

Cold Brayfield, or Brafield, is a small parish on the verge of the county, situated on a bleak and exposed ridge of land. The river Ouse divides it from Bedfordshire on the east, and from the parish of Newton Blossomville on the south. Its area is only 530 acres; population, 80; rateable value, £836.

The village is small and lies 3.5 miles from Olney, 8 miles N.N.E. from Newport Pagnell, and 8 miles W from Bedford.

Brayfield House, the property of W.F. Farrer (but let by him for a term of years) is a handsome mansion delightfully situated on a commanding eminence, overlooking the village and church of Newton Blossomville. The gardens and pleasure grounds are extensive, beautifully diversified, and well stocked with every variety of shrubs, plants and flowers - the latter being planed in parterres adorned with vases etc.


Cold Brayfield Parish (Pop. 93)

The children attend School in adjoining parishes.