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This information appears here with the kind permission of Julian Hunt see Julian Hunt's Local History website.

It is data collected in preparation for his publication A History of Amersham



1479     Thomas Cheyne buys Shardeloes manor for 200 marks
1591     Henry Cheyne & Henry his son sold Shardeloes to Henry Fleetwood
1595     Henry Fleetwood sold Shardeloes to William Tothill
    William Tothill (1557-1626)

1575    Richard Tothill, famous printer who held a patent for printing legal books, buys Manor of Wedon Hill, Amersham
1593    Death of Richard Tothill. Son William Tothill, one of the Six Clerks in Chancery, inherits Wedon Hill Manor
1595    William Tothill purchases Shardeloes from Henry Fleetwood
1624    Committee for Priviledges and Returns accepted case for boroughs of Amersham, Marlow and Wendover to resume sending M.P.s to Parliament. Case brought by William Hakewill of Lincolns Inn who was elected to one of the Amersham seats in 1628.
1624    William Tothill negotiating with Lord Russell for the purchase of the manor of Amersham. Sale particulars 16 May 1624. The 148 freehold tenants would each have a vote.
1625 Francis Drake M.P. for Amersham.
1625    Death of Joane Drake, wife of Francis Drake and dau & coheir of William Tothill of Shardeloes bur at Amersham
1626    Death of William Tothill of Shardeloes bur at Amersham 10 December 1626. Heirs grandson William son of Francis Drake, and dau Catherine Tothill

    Francis Drake (   -1633)

1625 Francis Drake M.P. for Amersham
1625    Death of Joane Drake, wife of Francis Drake and dau & coheir of William Tothill of Shardeloes bur at Amersham
1633    Death of Francis Drake Esq of Esher, Surrey, Gent of Privy Chamber to James I bur at Walton on Thames

    William Drake (1606-1669)

    Chirographer to the Common Pleas

1630     William Drake M.P. for Amersham
1632    Catherine Tothill renounces right to Shardeloes in favour of her nephew William Drake
1637    William Drake of Shardeloes completes the purchase of the manor of Amersham from the Russells
1641     Sir William Drake created a baronet
1649    Sir William Drake in Italy until 1660. Leases 150 acres to James Perrott his steward on condition he provided diet for three people including Sir William's invalid aunt Catherine Tothill
1649     Lease for 3 years at £25 p.a.                    D/DR/1/1

    1) Sir William Drake of Shardeloes
    2) James Perrott of Amersham gent

    Castrupps Close                                                     26
    Brokefield Close           Pasture                                  8
    Church Path Close                                                    7
    Highwood Close             Pasture                              10
    Brocksalls Close                                                       8
    Cherry Tree Close)
    Stony Field        )                                                    17
    Colliers Close                                                        14
    Orchard Field                                                         28
    Bentleyes Close  )
    Whiteleyes Close)        arable in occ William Trego    24
    New Warehouse Meadow         meadow                    28
    The Hopp Garden             moorish ground             1 1/2

    All in  Amersham parish

With barns stables and yards to the capital messuage or tenement called Shardeloes....     for the term of three years.... yearly rent or sum of £25 .... paying therefore for the said term of three years at Shardeloes aforesaid good wholesome and sufficient diet for three such persons as the said Sir William Drake shall there leave and appoint to inhabit.... and in case Mistress Katherine Tothill shall happen to depart this life at any time before the end of the said term and that there shall not be three persons there residing.... Sir William Drake.... will bear and pay all such taxes charges and expenses as he the said James Perrott his executors or assigns shall necessarily expend during the said term in quartering of soldiers and their horses at Shardeloes aforesaid and that the said James Perrott his wife and family may lawfully dwell and inhabit in some convenient part of the mansion house at Shardeloes

1657    Sir William Drake of Shardeloes builds six almshouses at Amersham
1669    Death of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes bur at Amersham Succeeded by nephew William Drake, son of brother Francis Drake of Walton on Thames
    William Drake (    -1690)

1661     William Drake M.P. for Amersham
    Married Elizabeth second dau & heir of Sir William Montague Knt Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer

1674     Rental
    John Sells hath taken ye several grounds following for 1 year and to enter in June 1675 and     lease it at our lady Day 1676 And then to be in the hands of Sir Wm Drake to let at an     improved rent or to keep them for ye accommodation of his house which he thinks most     convenient that is to say
    Highwood Close
    Church Path Close
    Orchard Field
    Castrupps not to be ploughed nor broke up
    Middle Warehouse Mead
    Long Orchard

    £41 10s p.a.

1682     Market Hall built by Sir William Drake of Shardeloes
1690     Death of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes bur at Amersham
    Montague Drake (1673-1698)
1692     Ledger
    John Sells
    The new farm by the Fifh Ponds which had been Hayes £34 10s
    By 1697 this was called “Farm by the Pond, called The Canall” and the rent was reduced     to £31 10s but this was never paid in full, as a gift or allowance £17 p.a. was made to     Mrs Selles

1695     Montague Drake M.P. for Amersham

1698 21 July     Inventory of Montague Drake Esq of Shardeloes
    Stony Field        12 acres of wheat                    42  0 0
    Church Patch Close    9 acres of peas                   9  0 0
    Brookfield        9 acres of barley                        15 15 0
    Little Castrope        6 acres of beans & peas        10 10 0
    Upper Grove        rick of last years peas              6  0  0
    Long Orchard        5 rood of barley                      2  3  0
    Orchard Field        17 acres of oats                    25  5  0
    Wilderness        2 1/2 acres barley                      6  5  0

    Cherry Tree Close and the other field

    Score of weathers                                          13  0  0
    26 ewes & 6 lambs                                          9  0  0
    A cow calf                                                       3  0  0
    At grass 2 mares & 4 geldings                        15  0  0

1698     Rent Book                     D/DR2/18q

    Benjamin Peede
    For that farm by the Canal which had been left by John Seller widow 2 quarters £17 0 0

1851     Census Shadeloes House
    staff only