Education Provision 1833

Buckingham Borough and Parish,
including the Hamlets of Bourton, Bourtonhold, Lenborough, Prebend-end Precinct, and the Chapelry of Gawcott (Pop. 3,610.)

Four Daily Schools; two whereof are endowed, and respectively contain 45 and 36 males:

The first with £15 per annum, for which 25 are educated;

The second, with a small stipend paid from the Exchequer, for the education of six children, the rest are paid for by their parents

In another, 12 males

And in the other (commenced 1832) 4 males and 27 females, are instructed at the expense of their parents.

One Day and Boarding School, in which 53 females are educated at the expense of
their parents.

One Day and Sunday National School (commenced 1819), attended by 80 males daily, and 10 in addition, together with 50 females on Sundays, supported by voluntary contributions; the master is paid £50Z. and the mistress £4 per annum.

Three Sunday Schools; one consists of 44 males and 96 females, appertaining to Independents; another, 25 males and 86 females to Wesleyan Methodists; the other (of all denominations) 36 males and 54 females. The children in these Schools are all gratuitously instructed, and a lending Library is attached to the last mentioned.