Education Provision 1833

Penn Parish (Pop. 1,103)

Two Daily Schools; one of which is endowed, but, about 5 years ago was united to the National Central School, under the present clergyman; and on that system, 40 males are taught reading, writing and arithmetic; in the other, 14 females are gratuitously instructed in reading and needle-work.

Three Sunday Schools; two of which consist of 68 males and 99 females, who attend the Established Church ; these, together with the female School, commenced about 1818; the other appertains to Wesleyan Methodists, and consists of 43 males and 42 females, all supported by voluntary contributions.

In addition to the above there are Seven small Schools, in which females are taught to make lace, and to read ; there is no lending Library, but the whole parish has free access to one belonging to the clergyman.