Notes on Shenley


Description of Shenley Church End & Shenley Brook End, from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

The township of Shenley Church End containing about 2,900 acres is situated in Newport hundred, but the hamlet of Shenley Brook End, consisting of about 1,590 acres, is locally situated in the hundred of Cottesloe. The rateable value of the township is £2,907; that of the hamlet £1,458. The population of Shenley with Tattenhoe is at present, 353 souls. The soil is a sandy clay, and in some parts of a deep feruginous or ochreous tint.

The village of Shenley Church End is small and pleasantly seated in a well wooded district. It is distant 3.5 miles N.W. from Fenny Stratford. Shenley Brook End is a scattered hamlet nearly one mile southward.

Shenley Church End is a very ancient inclosure; and Brook End was inclosed by Act of Parliament in 1752. “There is no mansion-house, or manorial site,” says Lipscomb, “but the woods are called Hoo Park, Shenley, and Oakhill.”

Shenley House, the seat of Joseph Baily Esq., is a handsome stone mansion in a delightful situation near the church. The prospects from the house are extensive. The living is a Rectory, valued in the King's Books at £22 9s. 7d., and returned in the Clergy List as now worth £424 per annum. The patronage is vested in the Lord of the Manor, and the Rev. Robert William Scurr is the present Rector.

The Rectory House is situated in tastefully laid out pleasure grounds, a short distance southward from the church.


Shenley Parish: Brook End Hamlet (Pop. 244)

No School in the hamlet, but several children attend the Sunday School at Church End.