Notes on Simpson


Description of Simpson, from J.J. Sheahan, 1861.

The area of the parish of Simpson, or Sympson is 1,312 acres; parts of which is included in the town of Fenny Stratford. Rateable value, £3,654. The soil is gravelly, with portions of loamy ground and a clayey subsoil, with abundance of springs. The Grand Junction Canal passes through the parish. The open fields and commons have been inclosed under two Acts of Parliament passed in 1763 and 1770. The village is seated at the foot of a hill, about 1.5 mile N. by E. from Fenny Stratford, 2.5 miles N.E. from Bletchley, and 5 miles S. from Newport Pagnell – on the road between the latter town and Fenny Stratford. Thirty years ago it was, in appearance, one of the most wretched of many miserable villages in the county. During a great portion of the winter time the main road was generally impassable, without wading through water three feet deep, for a distance of about 200 yards. But chiefly through the exertions of Mr. C. Warren, the road has been raised 3.5 feet; and the handsome Villa residence of this gentleman, with its tastefully laid out pleasure grounds, summer-houses, grottoes, rock-work, fountain, fish-pond, etc. sets the place off to great advantage. There are also several other genteel houses here.

The Rectory is in the gift of Sir John Hanmer, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Walden Hanmer. It is rated in the Liber Regis at £17 6s. 8d., and is now worth about £350 a year. The tithes have been commuted at the inclosures for for about 225 acres of land. The advowson appears to have been appendant to the manor until Mr. Serjeant Pigott, about 1600, separated the ecclesiastical and temporal estates. The former after passing through many hands, was purchased by Walden Hanmer Esq,. afterwards Sir Walden Hanmer, Bart., who presented to the Rectory in 1761. The present Rector is grandson to Sir Walden Hanmer, and second cousin to the present patron.

The Rectory House is an ancient red brick building near the church. There is a small Methodist Church.


Simpson Parish, with part of Fenny Stratford Chapelry (Pop. 470)

Two Daily Schools, containing 20 males and 20 females, who are instructed at the expense of their parents.

One Sunday School, (of the Baptists persuasion) in which 24 children of both sexes receive gratuitous instruction.