Walton (Aylesbury)


Description of Walton (Aylesbury) before J.J.Sheahan

Walton is a suburb of Aylesbury, the Market Place of the latter being connected with the village of the former place, by Walton Street. The Walton Mill Stream which separates Aylesbury and Walton, runs into and forms part of the River Thame. There are two steam and water flour mills here on this stream. The hamlet of Walton was enclosed by Act of Parliament in 1779; the township and liberty of Aylesbury had been enclosed previously, pursuant to an Act passed in 1770. Allotments of lands were assigned under both Acts the Impropriator and Vicar in lieu of tithes.

Walton has always been reported as a Manor, but the lands have been chiefly possessed by those who had possessions in Aylesbury. The family of Stonor is mentioned in deeds of early date as having held lands in Aylesbury, Walton, and the neighbouring places – as early as of the time of Edward II. Gilbert de Stonor died possessed of a manor in Aylesbury, Walton, and Stoke Mandeville, in the year 1415.


Walton Parish (Pop. 114)

Included in the Return for Aylesbury.