13th October 1827


The state of Aylesbury gaol, on a comparison with former years, is highly satisfactory. The total number of prisoners was on Wednesday last only 101; last year at the same time it was 124. It is gratifying also to find that there has been a diminution in the number of persons committed for poaching during the year.

From the month of January, 1826, to the week corresponding to the present in that year, there had been 44 persons imprisoned on convictions under the game laws; this year, from January to the present time, the number of convictions for poaching has only been 29. The total number of convictions under the game laws in 1826 was 89.

The Rev. Frederick Lee of Upper Clatford, Hants, was convicted on two penalties of £5 each at the meeting of the Justices of the three hundreds of Ashendon, on Wednesday last, for having used a gun on the 13th and 15th of September, not being a qualified person. John Matthews, gamekeeper to T.P.Wickham, Esq., was the informer, and Wm.Matthews, another keeper, proved the offence. In retaliation, Mr.Robinson, an attorney, and friend of Mr.Lee, laid an information against John Matthews, who gave the information, for shooting without the requisite qualifications. The case will be heard at the next meeting of Magistrates. Mr.Robinson also threatened to lay an information against the youngest son of Mr.T.P.Wickham.

James Allen was convicted on the same day, and before the same Magistrates, of stealing apples, the property of his master. Mr.John Morris, of Upper Winchendon, and committed to the House of Correction for fourteen days.