Julian Hunt: Coaching Days On The Old Oxford Road


Julian begins his talk with a look at travel as it was in the 16th century before exploring the improvements to roads brought about by the turnpike trusts two hundred years later, and the evolution of the stage coaches which began to connect major towns. Those wealthy enough to engage their services were obliged to break their journeys at the numerous coaching inns which sprang up, some in what may seem to us curiously odd places. Julian explains how these essential facilities were large, slickly-managed businesses, without which the stage coach services could not have operated.

Saturday 21th September 1.30pm

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At Turnfurlong Junior School, Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks., HP21 7PL. See Central Branch for details & charges.

The Central Branch meetings are held monthly, normally on the third Saturday of the month. From September 2017 we are meeting at Turnfurlong Junior School, Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks., HP21 7PL.

There is normally a charge of £4 for non-members and £2 for members. Refreshments extra.

Many of us have old family photographs, but sometimes it can be frustratingly difficult to guess the identity of the sitter. A knowledge of the way photography and fashions changed can narrow down the date at which a photograph is likely to have been taken. In the same way that fashions change, so do military uniforms.
But unlike fashions, uniforms changed at set dates and once you know the basics you can start identifying your own. Graham hopes you'll let him help you with this 'dark art', and invites you bring along your own photographs for identification and dating. They must be originals, though, which to the trained eye can hold a mass of information. He'll do his best from a very high resolution scan, but really, you need to find that original.


This is out first talk at the new Aylesbury venue. Turnfurlong Junior School see Central Branch for the map and other details.