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The late Ray Shrimpton, had over a number of years extracted the names of all persons mentioned in the Wills held at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.

He also collected any information submitted by members about Bucks people mentioned in other wills.

If you have access to any wills which have a Buckinghamshire person mentioned in it we would love to have a copy or information from the will to add to our Wills database.

This information is in a searchable database see Wills Searches.

Alongside this project the Society has been assisting the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, both financially and with volunteers to generate a database of all the wills held at the Centre. In this case only the name of the Testator is held together with date, reference and abode of the testator. The database will eventually appear on line at the CBS site and is incorporated into the Society's Names database.

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