Dates of UK Parish Registers

UK Parish Registers go from 1538 to the present day. Not all records survive.

A useful source of information is "The Phillimore Atlas and Index to Parish Registers" by Cecil Humphrey-Smith which contains parish maps and a list of registers (and dates) available.

1751 - The Nine Month Year and 1752 - the year they stole 11 days

Before 1751 the UK worked by the Julian calendar (25th March, Lady Day, to 24th March). By this time most of Europe, with the exception of Russia, had switched to the Gregorian calendar (1st January to 31st December).

Dates of Civil Registration

Civil Registration started in the UK on 1st July 1837 and continues to the present day.

Acts of Parliament which created Civil Registration

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Dates of Uk Censuses

  • 1801 Mar 10
  • 1811 May 27
  • 1821 May 28
  • 1831 May 30
  • 1841 Jun 6
  • 1851 Mar 30
  • 1861 Apr 7
  • 1871 Apr 2
  • 1881 Apr 3
  • 1891 Apr 5
  • 1901 Mar 31
  • 1911 Apr 2

The following parishes are not on the IGI or family search and therefore do not appear in Ancestry or FindMyPast

These documents mainly relate to the Bucks Light Infantry and Hussars

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Names of Bucks People - Histories

These are histories from the Bucks People Records.

 Higgs of Wavendon files ...

Robert MEAD

In the name of god amen the xj th day of Maye 1578 I Robarte MEAD of pryncis Rysborow in the county of Buckyngam beynge syck in body but of good and parfet remembrance laud & prayse be geven unto allmyty (sic) do ake and ordayne thys my last will in maner forme (sic) foloyng that is to say

Fyrst I bequeth my sowle unto allmyty god my maker & redemer and my body to be buryed in the parysh church of princis Rysborow aforsayd

Item I geve to the poor of the toune of Rysborow ij s

Item I will that Alles my wyfe shall dwell in my howse so long as she lyveth

Item I bequeth unto Alles my wife a cowe which she will chuse & xl s of mony & h of all my howsehold stufe

Item I bequeth to Alles my wife vj wether shepe not of the best nor of the worst

Item I bequeth unto Edward RANCE Katerne RANCE Annys RAUNCE Rychard RAUNCE the other h of all my goods & catell to be equalye devyded amongst them

Item I bequeth unto Thomas BUTLAR & Anne BUTLER my dawters chyldern xx s a pece & to be delyvered unto them when the (sic) come to the aige of xvj years And Jams STEVENS of Bledlow to have the mony in kepyng untyll the (sic) come to the aige of xvj years

Item I bequethe unto every one of my godchildern iiij d

The rest of my goods not bequethed my funerall expenses performed I geve & bequeth unto (torn) my wife & Thomas RAUNCE whome I make (torn) executors of this my last will

Item I bequeth unto Mathew OWYN v ewes & v lams

Thes being witnes

Nycholas CLARK

Thomas NEELL



Wt others

Probatum coram nobis Willmus SMITHE LL Doctor Commissar ac Officiali Arch Buck secundo Julij 1580

No entry in burial register


In noie dei amen I Thomas FLOYED dwelling wthin the parryshe of Prince Risborowe beinge sycke in bodye and whole and pfyke in minde & memory do make this my laste wyll and testament in manner and forme followynge

Ffyrste I beaqueathe my soule unto almyghty god and my body to be buryed wthin the chercheyerde of Prince Risborowe aforsayd

Also I gyve unto my eldest sonne Jhonne FLOYDE tenne pounds

Also I gyve unto my second sonne William FLOYDE six pounds thirteen shillings and iiij

Item I gyve to my thirde sonne six pounds thirteen shillings and iiij d

Item I bequeathe unto Thomas FLOYDE my fourth & youngest sonne six pounds thirteen shillings and iiij d

Item I bequeathe unto Eliner FLOYDE my dawghter six pounds thirteen shillings & iiij d

Also I wyll yt my foure fyrst chyldrenne here mencioned in my wyll shall receyve thier portyons at the age of twenty and one years yf they shall so longe lyve and my dawghter Eliner at the day of her mariadge or els at the sayd terme of twenty and one years Provyded yt my wyll is that it shall happen any of my sayd chyldren to dye before theye come unto the years before appointed to receyve theire porcyons yt then the sayd porcyons of them yt be deade shalbe equally devyded amonge the reste yt be lefte then lyvinge

Also I gyve unto the pore fyve shillings

Moreover I gyve unto Jone FLOYDE my wyf all the reste of my goods unbequeathed and do make and appoint her as my full and lawfull executrix my legacyes aforesayd and all my detts folowe beinge discharged

I am indebted & do owe unto Mr Henry ESTE sevenne pounds and xix s

Item I am indebted unto Jhon WAYDE of Culverden forty shillings

Item I do owe unto Thomas HILL forty shillings

Item I do owe unto Alse HERNNE my mother in lawe foure pounds

Item I do owe unto Jhoane HORNE xx s

Item I do owe unto Thomas LACYE iiij s x d

Item I do owe unto Henry GREINE viij s iiij d

Item I do owe unto Roberte LOWSLEY xiij s iiij d

Item I do owe unto Thomas CLARKE xx s

Item I do owe unto Thomas CHERFYLDE of Wyckham forty shillings

Item I do owe unto Nicholas COOKE of Wyckham iij s 4 d

Item I am indebted unto Jhonne ALSE OF Bledlowe iiij li

Item I do owe unto Jhonne PAULMER of Rysborowe xiiij d

Item I do owe unto Hughe HAUKES ij s

Item I do owe unto William HAWES x s

Also I do make and appointe Thomas CLARKE my overseere of this my laste wyll & testament wrytten in the presence of thies whose names be undernethe wrytten

Edward ESTE


Thomas LACYE

Probatum…… xiiij o Januarij 1580

Burial register Thomas FLYDE 17 May 1580


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