Aylesbury Calendars of Prisoners is now available for sale in the shop.

This DVD contains images of all the Calendars available, covering the period 1783 to 1892 for the Assize court and 1787 to 1909 for the Quarter Sessions. The calendars show the progression of the defendant through the courts. Starting as a pre-trial document, many are annotated with the results of the trial. Normally the trial would have been through the local petty sessions before being sent for trial in Aylesbury. 

Cheddington School

We have published the historic records of Cheddington Schools, The National & The Lady Rosebery Infants. The CD includes indexed images of log books, admission registers, examination schedules and HMI reports.

Details for ordering can be found in the on-line shop here

We have published the Parish Registers for Eton Parish - in CD format.

Now available in our on-line shop



The registers covered are:

St John the Evanlegist in the High Street, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is Eton School Chapel and St John the Baptist at Eton Wick


We have published the Parish Registers  Dropmore (St Anne)in both CD and printed formats.

Formed in 1866 Dropmore was part of Burnham and was created for due to the distance of the parish church from the hamlet.

Now available in our on-line shop. There are two versions available - Order the Dropmore register transcription in printed book form here. Or order the Dropmore register transcription Windows CD Version here.



Iver Heath parish register 1862-1901 is now available in the shop. There are two versions available - Order the Iver Heath register transcription in printed book form here. Or order the Iver Heath register transcription Windows CD Version here.

CD cover of the Dell Index of Buckinghamshire ApprenticesAlthough it has been out some time we would like to draw you attention to "The Dell Index of Buckinghamshire Apprentices"
The CD puts together the work of Alan Dell over many years collecting together the details of about 7800 apprentices from Bucks covering the period 1449-1900. Sources included records of the various charities held in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, The London Livery Companies and the William Harding Trust. The lists are searchable in a variety of ways, by apprentice, by master by trade etc. Details for each apprentice usually include name, year, parent/s, location and trade., It is available in the Shop at £10 +p&p

We have published the Parish Registers for Gayhurst (St Peter) - in CD and printed formats. These are available in our on-line shop. There are two versions available - Order the Gayhurst register transcription in printed book form here. Or order the Gayhurst register transcription Windows CD Version here.





This page provides updates to programs supplied on publication CDs if any problem is found with the CD. Each "fix" has an accompanying instruction file which gives details of how to use the fix

Product SKU Version Date of Fix Description Fix + instruction files
1851 Census CD C001 1.0 23/09/2010 Fix to make 1851 Census CD work with Windows7 FixFile





Window 10 computers can run the CDs supplied by Buckinghamshire FHS. It should be noted that an alternative to Adobe Reader has appeared for PDF documents has appeared. It does not meet the requirements for our software and Adobe Reader must be installed. See Adobe for details and downloads.


We have received a number of queries about our CDs and windows 7. All our CDs are Windows 7 compatible except the very early copies of the 1851 Census for Bucks (The ones with the title on a siver background) . If you still have one of these and wish to use it on a Windows 7 machine you will need to go to Publications CD Support Page

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Buckinghamshire 1851 Census on CD Rom.

Here are some screen shots from the 1851 census CD

1851 Census on CD

Thank you for purchasing the Buckinghamshire 1851 Census on CD. We hope you will find it useful in your family history research.


Our main support for the 1851 Census CD is via our Technical Support Forums. Support questions or issues should be posted on the Forums. Support is available by email however this is not given as high a priority as the Support Forums. Remember Bucks FHS is an organisation run by volunteers so please allow a few days to receive a response


The current released version is v1.0 (Sept 2002)
To check your version number click on Help from the menus at the top of the main screen and choose About.

As there has been no need as yet to issue any upgrades there are currently none available.

The original ver 1.00 (silver faced CD) of the Bucks 1851 Census will not install under Windows 7 please see installation patch and instructions at Publications CD Support Page.
(Please note: ver 1.01(white faced CD) does not require this patch)