20230110 SearchingForSurnames

We start 2023 with a talk from the ever popular Kirsty Gray. On 10th January she will be discussing "Searching for Sunames". The meeting is in the Eghams Room at Bourne End Community Centre and starts at on 19:45. 





20230110 KirstyGray

Searching for Surnames - the challenges, pitfalls and the downright ridiculous.

Kirsty has been involved in the world of genealogy from a very early age. With her mother, she researched her maternal family history from the 1980s and soon found the fascinating surname of Sillifant in her paternal lineage which took her considered attention. Kirsty has continued from a rookie to a fully-fledged professional genealogist, business owner, heir tracer, TV/radio personality, Genealogy Show Director, and more besides.

Visitors are very welcome. Entrance is free for members and £2 for non-members (or why not take out an annual membership from as little as £6).

Meetings are held in the Eghams Room at Bourne End Community Centre. Wakeman Road, Bourne End, SL8 5SX. See Southern Branch for details & charges.